5 helpful Psychology Tricks to use in an interview | interview Tips

Psychology Tricks to use in an interview [Interview Tips]

It is generally said that an interview experience can be one of the most nerve-wracking experiences of a person’s life. With so much pressure to get a job, it sometimes is hard for a candidate to do well even if he/she is technically sound.

Are you applying for a job interview in the near future? If yes, keep reading this post as we share till a couple of tricks that can help you scale through an interview. That being said, you should pay attention to the technical skills the firm is looking for – this is step one.

5 helpful psychology Tricks to use in an interview, Interview tips

5 helpful psychology Tricks to use in an interview [ Interview tips ]

Before we go into the interview tricks, here are a few pointers on how to ace that interview:

  • Always search for the previously asked questions; companies do repeat the pattern.
  • Have a mock interview just for practice.
  • Write down a couple of important HR interview questions and how you intend answering them. 
  • Now, let’s go ahead with the tricks.

1. Warm up

5 helpful psychology Tricks to use in an interview, warm up
Did you know that your interview starts right from the moment you step into the room? Yes, that’s true. Your walk, gestures, and your body language (not literally) say a lot about you. For example, cold and sweaty hands are signs of nervousness which can be quickly detected by your interviewer.

Try your best to avoid letting your nervousness shine through. To help with sweaty hands, arrive at the interview location early and warm your hands under a hand dryer. This way, your hands wouldn’t get sweaty and they’d be just perfect to go.

2. Take your time

Psychology tips and tricks

You should take a little pause after they ask you a question. After all, it is not a rapid-fire round or game. Taking time to answer a question allows you to frame the best possible answer you can provide at that time and under those conditions.

Most of the candidates confuse “taking time” with “not knowing” which is completely untrue. In fact, it is more important to give a correct answer that shows your level of understanding. Just to be on the same page, you can actually notice the expressions of your interviewer whenever you are taking time to answer and act accordingly.

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3. Body language plays a major part

Psychology tips and tricks, 8 helpful psychology Tricks to use in an interview
Your body speaks even if your mouth is saying something else. You cannot fake confidence just by speaking, your body language, composure, manner of seating all have to project confidence too.
Therefore, you should always pay extra heed to the vibe your body language is giving off.
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Mark the Don’t

1. Cracking your knuckle.
2. Shaking your legs.
3. Crossing your arms – shows that you have something to hide and you are not willing to open up in front of the interviewer.

4. Bond with your interviewer

5 helpful psychology Tricks to use in an interview, bond with your interviewer

Apart from the technical conversations, try to search for common ground with your interviewer. This is mostly because it leaves an extremely positive impression on the interviewer. In addition to this, it shows that you are good at communication.
How can you do this?
For generic questions, you might ask “what do you think?” which would strike a healthy conversation (not too long) between you and your interview.

5. Visualize your interview

5 helpful psychology Tricks to use in an interview, visualize your interview

Having an idea of what you are up against is very important. Visualizing your interview is one of the greatest psychological hacks that can help you get all charged up before the actual interview.
Imagine yourself doing well with the answers just before stepping inside the room and you’d actually feel like nothing can faze you. You can go onboard with practising your interview a couple of days before the actual one so that you would be able to find your flaws and work on them.

Other practice points that can help you nail the interview are:

  • Ask your friend for help having a mock interview and carefully structure the entire interview process.
  • Read extensively about the company you are applying to and note down important points. 
  • Practice in front of the mirror and make sure you take note of your gestures and expressions.


I hope you guys liked these psychology tricks for an interview if it helped you than please share this post with your friends and other peoples.

And let me know in the comment section below, Which of these psychology tricks will you use for your interview. 

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