How to be focus on study? | Stay Focused

How to stay Focused : Hey Guys, Here in this post I have shared with you how to stay focused? that will help you to stay focused on study or any other work.

How to Stay Focused

How to Stay Focused, | how to be focus on study,

How to be focus on study [ Stay Focused ]

Plan What You Need to Do

Whether you are going to use a paper to write down your to-do list or you are going to use your phone calendar, make a plan on what you must do every day. 

Have a Reward System

If you forward your project to your professor by the agreed time, say Wednesday, you can maybe treat yourself. When you reward yourself you can really enjoy it and it feels good when you accomplish (पूरा) something.

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 Know Your Abilities

Don’t load your semester with classes you are not talented in. If you are a poor maths student, then only do one unit of math at a time.

You cannot triple your math workload when you are barely passing through one. If you can, avoid programs that demand you to do some coursework in a subject you struggle with.

Prioritize the Assignments You Like Least

This will be like a reward system for your brain. It will have expended its power doing the hardest tasks when it is still fresh. By the time you get to the easier tasks, you will find less urge to procrastinate (शिथिलता).

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Know What Diverts Your Attention

By determining what distracts you, you will be ab le to get rid of it when it's time to study.

Learn to Avoid Escapism

The human brain is preconditioned to avoid unpleasant tasks. You’ll will find yourself feeling like chatting with your girlfriend while you should actually be tackling that complex problem. Force yourself to get down to the complex task. You can even write down the random thoughts of the non-essential to-do lists that cross your mind and attend to them after you are finished with the unpleasant task.


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