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How to be Productive? 

Hey! How're you? I hope you're doing very well. So today, Here in this post. we will be talking about how to be productive? and five things that we are all guilty of doing and that kill our motivation to work and allows us to procrastinate. My idea is that by removing these five habits from your life, you're on your way for a more inspired routine or procrastination can be fought easily and you can be productive all the time.

How to be Productive

How to be Productive? 

The first thing that can kill your motivation is not having a schedule or having a bad schedule. There's nothing worse than bad time management to make you feel unproductive. The way you plan your day in activities accounts for a lot of your motivation, because it forces you to prearranged resting periods and also understand the order in which you should be planning your work. For instance, through the calendar blocking method, I'm able to schedule tasks for an entire day and see what is best for my motivation. I know I'm not able to read articles or textbooks for more than one hour without feeling tired.

So I usually schedule one hour of my time for reading and after that I schedule more creative or physical tasks like filming decluttering cleaning or even editing pictures  etc.

Adopting a flexible system like a digital calendar is also good because you can move things around until it gets a perfect system for you.
If you have half a day or a full day of classes, it's also important to give yourself the resting time you need between classes and homework.

We will be talking more about resting time a little bit further on so keep reading. You are engaging in brain dulling activities, this one is a big no-no for membso I urge everyone to try this out and see if they see any differences in their motivation levels.

Brain-dwelling activities can be entirely different for different people. For me, they include scrolling through social media, watching non purposeful content on TV and texting, If I start my day or my study session with one of these activities, I know that two things will happen for sure. I will start studying or working later than I planned That will not feel as energized as I could feel when working because my brain is still stuck to what I was doing previously.

I'm not saying you should stop doing the things you can see their brain dwelling but simply allowing yourself to do those activities After your work or study is the perfect way to have those guilty pleasures without ruining your workflow for instance.

If you schedule the study session in the late afternoon.Allow yourself to go watch your favorite series in the end of your study session. But keep yourself accountable for not doing it before or during your scheduled tasks You are focusing on passive learning instead of active learning as a law student this was one of the golden rules I found during four years of studying.

I'm not the most attentive reader when it comes to technical or theoretical things and law school mostly relies on a lot of reading Almost invariably my brain would start drifting away half an hour after I started reading a textbook.
This is why active learning was so important for me in college. If I found a way to turn reading into a more active or creative task like taking notes creating mind maps or guides.

I would feel instantly more motivated to do my work because instead of having the goal of reading until a certain page, I was actually struggling to finish creating my study materials. And that was the thing that kept me going for longer periods of time. Also, you aren't taking care of yourself first.
Mastering this is key to feeling motivated all the time. It is very difficult to feel motivated
If you are not giving your body in mind what I need rest food entertainment and in my case
Physical activity and some pampering if I do not take care of these five things in advance
I don't even try to do my work and I focus instead on investing in these five basic aspects of my own life and routine even if that means cutting back on the time I should be spending studying by allowing myself to start working feeling rested and Happy and I will be much more productive Also, you aren't cutting on decision fatigue decision fatigue has many different phases, but in general it accounts for a great part of the stress you feel during the day and Also some of the time you waste For instance choosing what to eat what to dress what to study went to study where to study these are all things. You can pre-plan the day before and give you the chance to have a more fluid workflow and jump from task to task without Stopping to waste mental energy to make these choices Writing everything down in your calendar and giving detailed instructions to your future self from mundane tasks like working and studying Will make you achieve more productive sessions and improve your self-discipline.

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