How to concentrate on study

How to study with concentration

How to concentrate on studyHey Students, How are you? I hope you're doing very well. So Here's a problem of many students, the problem is How to be concentrate on study. So if you're also trying to concentrate on your studies, but you're not able to do that. So don't worry, Here is the solution. Here in this post I have shared with you 'How to concentrate on study'. So read this complete Article, it will help you to heed (concentrate) on your studies.

How to concentrate in study

How to concentrate on study

How to concentrate on study

Before i talk about concentration, I want to talk about a super powerful computer. After my 10th class I asked my dad for a pc, and he bought this high performance MACHINE* It's very powerful Back then this is a kickass computer I was very excited, I started dumping every software i found on the internet. Games, movies, buggy softwares, I turned it into a dustbin I filled it with so much junk, i did not have any space left for educational material. The reason I made my dad bought that computer is to help me with my studies I did everything except that. 

Our brain works in a similar way. Like a computer with limited space. For example, there is a container. You kept filling it with garbage all kinds of useless stuff Now you don't have space to put gold in it. when had an opportunity. Our studies are like that.

The reason of not concentration on studies, it can be your smartphone, watching movies , playing games, etc. 
Distractions are not just movies and games Let's just say, you are in a busy road like - Chandini Chowk Road, There are hundreds of people in that busy road For example: If you stand in the middle of the traffic for just a few minutes, Your brain will be overloaded with information like hoardings, faces of people, noises tons of pamphlets on the road Your brain is processing all this information.

Now imagine you are in a PARK It has zero distractions, Just a pleasant climate Fresh Air Now how does it feel? You will find it very peaceful don't you? When you are in a busy road, your brain will be overloaded. but in a park, you will be able to think properly right? You have to turn your brain from Chandini Chowk Road to a pleasant park with nothing but empty space and good climate. This is a simple preparation exercise First prepare your head for concentrating. And think about the things i just mentioned Stop turning your brain into a dumping ground And start focusing on right things Also try that exercise, Make a list of all the things that are distracting you from studying, Also try that exercise Make a list of all the things that are distracting you. I will post more tips on concentration very soon. You can also read this post "How to focus on study". 

Final Words 

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And as always Never Give Up 

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