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How to create mind map : Hey, How are you, I hope you're doing very well. So today here in this post I have shared with you a very useful and unique study hack that is Mind Mapping , How to create mind map? personally I think mind mapping is one of the best study technique. It will help you a lot in studying. So read this Complete post.

How to create mind map

How to create mind map

Why this method?
Believe me Mind mapping is one of the best studying techniques to remember information. It helps convert monotonous information into colorful, easy to remember information.
Use it if your subject is structured in different themes that are related to each other.

How to mind map

Check out the image above, and then start reading.
1. Use a blank paper, and anotate the main theme or idea in the center of it. For example, if my main theme is Dance, then I should put Dance in the middle and in big letters.
2. The sub-themes should radiate from it as branches, in any way you want: straight lines, curved lines... Do as much branches as you need, for every sub theme you have. For example, one Dance branch would be Salsa, and inside Salsa we could draw more branches with the different salsa styles. See the image below as an example:
How to make mind map
3. Use keywords or drawings in every branch to describe the sub-theme. For example, in the Salsa branch there could be a drawing of people with the typical salsa costume, or we could simply write Salsa.

Tips for Mind Mapping

1. Keep it Simple. You only have to use one or two words in each branch.
2. If you can, use images instead of words. The brain usually remembers them better.
3. Add as much color as you want. Make the information fun and easy to remember.
4. For studying this maps, a good practice would be to keep your notes at hand. The map is only so that you can remember how everything was structured.

Final Words 
I hope you like this mind mapping study hack. If you liked this How to make mind map technique, than kindly please help me by sharing this article with your friends, other students , and whoever need this. 
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