How to improve Memory | Increase Memory Power

How to improve the memory

Tricks to Improve Memory Power. You can develop and improve memory power. There are memory techniques that work very well. We begin by describing various " tricks", some of which have already been mentioned. 
How to improve memory

How to improve memory

1. Association : the more connections are mentally established between the new concepts and those who already have the easier it is memorization.

The more you know about an easier matter is acquiring new knowledge about the same as one has many references with which to relate new information.
There are several ways to associate:
  • Compare and contrast : we remember something because it looks like or unlike anything we know. For example, the 2nd World War started the year in which my father was born.
  • Associating with examples : for instance studied the meaning of a word using a phrase that is used.
  • Analogies : we look like. For example the name of a person reminds us of a famous tennis player.
  • Illogical Associations: we try to memorize a list of objects making associations pointless. For example, a shopping list (milk, biscuits, tomatoes, bread and onions). "A cookie went swimming in a glass of milk, but when he went to throw saw was red colour of tomatoes, floating a piece of bread was playing with an onion."

 2. Chop the information :

For example, if we want to remember a phone number we will find it easier if we divide it:

Instead of:

3. Grouping information : 

is the opposite of the previous case and is used when information is very fractionated ; In these cases it is easier to group in small groups.
For example, the following string of numbers:
3 - 3 - 4-7 - 3-7 - 9-0 - 9-0 - 8

Easier to memorize if groups:

334-737 - 909-08
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4. Exaggeration

Memory is more receptive to something absurd. The uniqueness facilitates memorization: the more original is better information will be retained.

5. The rhythm and rhyme facilitates memorization. 

A text set to music, recite poetry as if it were. Create a small verses with the words you have to memorize.

6. Remember the context : 

It is sometimes easier to remember something if you try to display the time when I was studying this lesson.
I was in my room, it was Saturday afternoon, I remember was hearing music of Elton John, was wearing a red shirt.

I hope you guys like these tricks to improve memory power. If it was helpful for you then please share it with your friends and other peoples.

And let me know in the comment section below which of these tricks will you going to use and how much it was effective for you. Please drop a comment.

And as always Never Give Up 

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