How to learn faster

How to learn faster : Hii How are you I hope you are doing very well. so today's topic is How to learn faster. So why am I posting this article on this topic understanding or learning anything faster. Because someone asked me in comment section How to learn faster? or understand any topic or remember easily. That's the reason I'm sharing some of my tactics or study tips to learn faster. If you have also some questions related to education. You can ask me in the comment section below.

How to learn faster

How to learn faster

So here, we are using "Be The Teacher" method. Everyone has their own methods to learn faster or doing anything else. According to me 'be the teacher' method is very effective and useful for learning and understanding anything not only your study notes and formulas. Personally it helped me a lot in my school days also in colleges.


How to learn Faster

Why this method?

It is a fact that we get a deeper understanding of a subject when we explain it to someone else. 
If you want to learn faster or achieve a better understanding of a subject to get the best grade, use this method.

How to use this method

It's really simple. You can do it in two ways:
  • Explain your notes and formulas to someone who doesn't know the subject. This will give you a deeper understanding of the basis of your subject. Tell the other person to ask questions, because these questions will be the ones that will help you achieve this understanding or learning faster.
  • Explain it to someone of your level. Usually, you can take turns with your classmates and practice this explanation method. It is useful because you can also learn by listening to them. 

Tips for this method

1. Don't explain it to an expert on the subject. An expert will give you a very detailed approach and will interrupt you by correcting you.
2. Keep it simple. Focus on the big picture when you are explaining the subject, especially when the other person doesn't know it.
3. Go on detail if necessary, but usually, exams don't go into that much detail.

Final Words 
I hope you like this way to learn fasterIf you liked this study tip How to learn faster, than please kindly share this post with your friends, other students , and whoever need this. 
And as always Never Give Up 

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