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Hey! How are you? I hope you are doing very well. So today here in this post I have shared with you, How to make Diagrams? with the help of making diagrams you can study very well. So read this complete post to know more about this study tip or you can say it a study hack.


How to make Diagrams?

How to make Diagrams? 

Why this study method?

This is a similar method to mind mapping, but instead of starting in the middle, we start at the top.
Use it to structure the content of your subject.

How to use Diagram to Study well?

This works exactly like mind mapping:
  1. We start by putting the main idea in a big square at the top. For example, my main idea could be "Dance".
  2. We develop the different branches, as seen in the image. The branches are the different sub-themes in the main idea. 
  3. We use keywords to describe this sub-themes. For example, I could put a branch coming from the big idea "Dance" that said "Salsa".

Tips for this Study Tip

1. Keep it Simple, You only have to use one or two words in each branch.
2. Add as much color as you want. Make the information fun and easy to remember.
3. For studying this diagrams, a good practice would be to keep your notes at hand. The diagram is only so that you can remember how everything was structured.

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