How to Study effectively by Creating a story

Hey, How are you? I hope you're doing very well. So Here's I find out a new study tip or you can say it a study hack, that will help you to study effectively. So today Here in this post I have shared with you How to Study effectively by Creating a story, yes you can study very well by creating stories. Read this Complete post to know more about this.

How to study effectively?

Why this method?

This method is very useful and it helps you remember stuff in a really easy way.
This method can be used to remember lists of things, diagrams, maps etc.
You can use any "Note" Android app to create your stories anytime. Otherwise you can write stories in your notebook.

How to Create a story? 

How to study effectively by Creating stories

How to use this method?

As you can guess, this method consists on creating a story. If we have a list of things, we can create a story in our minds (even if it makes no sense) to help us remember.
Let's see an example. I have these words:
  1. Leaf
  2. Lava
  3. Queen
  4. Flying
These words don't make any sense together, but we can make up a story for them to be easy remembered:
There was a leaf in a tree, but then suddenly a volcano exploded, and the leaf fell into lava. Luckily, the Queen was there to save the leaf from dying. Then, the Queen started flying.
This story doesn't make any sense, but still it's easy for your brain to remember.
Remember to write all your stories in "Notes" app or in your Notebook.

Tips for this method

  1. YOU CAN USE IT IN THE MIND MAPS OR DIAGRAMS. It's important! You will remember them easily.
  2. Keep it simple, use the first story that comes in your mind
  3. Don't try to make sense. You will remember it easily if it's not a normal story.
Final Words 
I hope you like this study tip to study effectively. If you liked this study hack How to study effectively by creating stories than please kindly share this post with your friends, other students , and whoever need this. Also share it on you all social accounts.
And as always Never Give Up 

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