Study Tips : Study Material

Study Material

Study Tips : Study Material

When the study material is worked ,organized and well  structured it is easier to learn.
Our brain works much better if we lock the information first and then memorize it.
To have a good study material you have to start attending classes regularly and take one of their own notes .

Not the same work one with it's notes with the notes photo copied from a college.
Once taken the notes first thing to do is check them , if possible this afternoon: check if they are complete and understand. Otherwise there will be remedied as soon as these deficiencies. Some students spend their notes to clean, time - consuming work. However, putting a little careful when taking them will not be necessary and may use that time to advance in their study.

The notes should be completed at home with the textbook , and if possible with some other reference book recommended by the teacher.
Therefore, they should be taken into classifiable leaves so that it is easy to incorporate an additional sheet with more information.
These and worked and completed notes are the main study material.

Once in full learning, and after a first comprehensive study is very useful to develop summary sheets(one per lesson) very brief (one side of a sheet or at most two) in which the main data are collected lesson:
Structure itself, sections and sub-sections, main ideas, other relevant data (names, dates, etc.) and most significant examples.

This is a schematic overview of the lesson that allows us a glance situarnos.Además these tabs are very useful for rehearsals .

The simple preparation of these chips and is an important learning effort because it requires a very useful exercise summary later facilitate memorization.

These summaries chips can be reviewed at times loose (eg, waiting for the bus, in the subway car, in bed before cost yourself ...), so help us keep fresh the knowledge acquired.
In preparing these chips can be used the methodology of mental maps :

It extracts the main idea of the lesson and is written in the center of the sheet. Branches out there where they are collected other relevant and supporting ideas .In the mental map are collected from very concise form, dates, ideas or short phrases that help you remember the lesson.

In preparing these mental maps can be used 2 colors, leaving the red to highlight the most relevant data.

The mind map allows a global view of the subject . Also with the memorized concepts we have engraved in mind an image-sum scheme which will facilitate their memory.

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