Study Tips and Study Hacks To overcome laziness

Hii, do you want to study but between you and your study comes laziness that does not let you Study and read well. If you don't know how to reduce laziness So don't worry here in this post I have shared with you some Study Tips or Study hacks to overcome laziness, by these study tips you can reduce your laziness fast or overcome laziness and you can Focus on your studies better than before.
Study Tips and Study Hacks To overcome laziness

Study Tips and Hacks To Overcome laziness

1. Put your phone to work
You reach for your phone at least a million times a day (that’s a made-up, but potentially realistic statistic), so why not let it help you to do some studying? Make your phone's home screen wallpaper or lock screen wallpaper into a study guide. Make yourself images of formulas, keywords, or class material that you need to know and set as your phone's wallpaper. Every time you go to pick up your phone, you will be confronted with the study material, and have a very mini-study session available to you in your pocket at all time. So move to the next study tip.

2. Study with the help of your own voice sound.
If you’re going to Tution classes you might as well make the time you spend taking notes count. When your test are near, record yourself reading your notes that you took in class, and be sure to include any of your own personal commentary to better understand the notes or materials. This takes very little time (depending on you, how fast or slow you read your notes), and then later, when you’re walking to and from class, you can pop your earphones in and listen the sweet sounds of portable studying. Now any time, whatever you're doing like - doing laundry, walking, going classes you can spent that time for study as well. Now come to the next study tip.

3. Give new meaning to brain food
You have to eat, right? So why not to use that time also to study? Ya I'm right, But here’s the important part: invite a friend from your class to join you. Think of it as an academic meal. You and your classmate will both bring your notes, and then just simply discuss about your notes and different topics. Highlight or write down some few which you want to cover ahead of time (it'd be too much to cover all of your study material in one sitting) and then just take turns discuss how you have come to understand that material and why is it important. Turning studies into a simple conversation and dialogue, and let it happening while eating won’t feel like studying, Make it conversational and you’ll be integrating it into something you were already planning on doing anyway. I hope you're understanding, what I'm trying to explain you. So move to the last study hack or study tip.

4. Leave yourself love study notes
The whole point of this one is to get the material in front of your eyes as much as possible. Whether it’s posting some flashcards by your mirror, or keeping some reading material by the toilet (hey, that’s a bit of free time), putting your study material in the places where you frequent the most makes you more likely to be reminded of the things you need to know. Not only will this joggle your memory, but it will also make the class material front and center, Remind you to be thinking about it and perhaps even nestling itself in your brain for later recall.

Final Words 
I hope you like these study hacks to overcome laziness for study. If you liked these study tips and  How to reduce laziness for Studying, than please kindly share this post with your friends, other students , and whoever need this. 
And as always Never Give Up 

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