Next Level Exam Preparation Tips | Learning Strategies

Next Level Exam Preparation Tips | Learning Strategies

Hey! I'm Rohit, and I'm back with more  Exam preparation tips on your demand. So this is the 2nd part of exam preparation tips. If you haven't read read this post Preparation Tips For Exams Part 1  read that Exam Preparation Tips also. 
Exam Preparation Tips

Exam Preparation Tips

Create Enough Time for Study

Obviously you should not leave stuff to the last minute. You know well in advance when your tests are so create a timetable.

Make sure you give yourself more time for your weakest subjects. If you pick what days and times you'll study in advance you're more likely to follow up on it.

Visual Aids are Great for Memory

Diagrams and flowcharts will create a mental picture. As the exam draws closer, drill down your notes to a diagram format. It is this format that will aid you in remembering everything that you learnt during the semester. 

Test Yourself with Past Papers

Past exams are good way to see if you have a grasp of a concept. They help you to get used to the exams formatting. Try to time yourself as you tackle a question.

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Learn to Take Breaks

Marathoners do not exercise 24 hours a day. You need a break. Reading for 5 consecutive hours is counter-productive.

There is a reason why the longest lectures are 3 hours. Allow yourself a 15 minutes break after every 2 hours. Breaks allow you to retain the knowledge you have acquired.

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