How to improve maths | Study Tips For Maths

How to improve math Skills

if you are a student and struggling with mathematics. if Math super difficult for you. if math comes in your nightmare, then you are on a right place, because this article is going to change your whole student life. after reading this post you will be solving that super easily like Albert Einstein in the next couple of minute I am going to share with you that mindset of every successful mathematician who created history in mathematics. that mindset is the key ingredient to solve math like a piece of cake. I got 97 out of hundreds in my 12th math exam and now you will also score obove 90. just by learning that mindset which is required to solve any math problem.

How to improve maths | Study Tips For Maths

How to improve maths

How to improve maths?

First you have to commit something to your self this is very important without this. the article will be a waste for you. now allows you to yourself that math is easy for me yes say it again I want to hear you louder more louder no matter who is near to you don't feel shy if you didn't do this you will go back to your old life where math is like a demon so do not care about anybody nobody is going to come and change your life only you can change your life. so say this loudly to yourself that math is easy for me, I can solve math easily, Math is a piece of cake for me, why this is important I will give you answer.

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This is important to take off the wrong mindset wrong programming in your mind and filling it with positiveness like Math is easy for you once you really believe in this then you are on a right track. it's not Stop reading this post and go in front of a mirror and say this to yourself till you believe this from your within from your deepest heart that math is easy for me then start reading this post. I will be always here so if you are ready completely ready.

Let's begin, first I will talk about the most toxic mindset to solve math whenever a math problem comes to the most of the people first they get frightened and say oh my god this question is so big this question is super difficult for me I can never solve this question huh where is the formula, how I will solve this? what will happen blah blah.. but you now you won't say this because you just change your mindset and then suddenly they will open a help book in which the solution of that question is already given and they will try to copy the solution from there after that they will cram the solution from there and cramming math is the most worst thing you can do about your math so never cram Math or if they do not find a help book what will they do they will find a similar question in which the solution is given and they will try to do the same in that question and it doesn't matter that done is right or not if the answer is right what you have learnt from that question nothing just cramming copying etc.

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So never do this this will only make your math difficult for you and the more you do this the more you will get stuffed in this because this is like a spider dance so never do this because the question will only increase and cramming will not solve this now the time has come in which I will talk about that mindset I call it the learning + solution oriented mindset in which you focus on learning trying to learn something from the question and you focus on finding the solution of that question by focusing on the problem you have given first let me give you a tip for solving every math problem in your math book.

First make a list of all the formulas which are going to be used in that particular chapter you are going to solve this is a proven method to solve math problems if you have a list of formulas. which can be used in that problem this makes math super easy for you. so always before starting a chapter make a list of all the formulas. which are going to be used in that chapter for example if you are going to solve trigonometry. then make a list of all the formulas which are going to be used in it now you will say that I hardly remember any math formula.

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it is so hard to remember them and I know but no problem with this mindset you will automatically start memorizing all the formulas in your math book without doing any effort if you practice what I say now you have a math problem and a number of formulas to solve that problem now how will you know which formula is right for the problem the answer is to read the problem carefully this is the first and the most important step to solve math problem most people never do this they never read the problem carefully they do this this question is of this chapter they solve it like this I will solve it like this I will copy this oh I didn't got the right answer oh no math is so difficult for me ask yourself do you ever read a math question carefully ever without starting to solve the problem if so first read the question and then you will know that formula automatically which is going to be used in that problem because you have a list of particular formulas. which are going to be used in that chapter then do not suddenly start solving the problem first think in your mind how will I get from these value in the question to the one value of the answer I have to use the formulas which I have what to do think use your mind this will make math super interesting it is like solving the puzzle game you have given a puzzle and you have some patterns and some formulas to solve the problem and you have to get to the answer to the goal, so how will you solve the problem think in your mind but I have to do, what I have to change the values,

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I have to change these numbers to this and then apply this formula make it super interesting in your mind and then start solving the problem. lets say you got a wrong answer you try tried again, you again got the wrong answer no problem you have to try again always remember 'Einstein said I am not intelligent I just stay with the problem longer than other people' so the longer you will be with the problem the more chances that you will solve the problem correctly and at last you will get the right answer yess you just solved a math problem on your own without any help book. Congrats, now you have to open a helpbook and see if your solution is right and learn from your mistake you did in the previous question basically this is learning learning from your mistakes this will make your brain more sharper now you just solved a math problem on your own what do you think you did ?you made billions of connections in your mind you are using a trial and error method and constantly learning from your tries and by this you will start memorizing formulas easily because you will take up a formula and apply that in your question and this automatically memorizes formulas I tried this and all the math formulas just stamps in my mind if you practice this that you can solve any question in that chapter remember Einstein said imagination is more powerful than knowledge if you don't memorize formulas no matter but you should have a mind which is required to solve that problem a mind which has full of imagination that how you can get to the answer so next time when your teacher give you a homework of a question and try to use this method in this method will math super interesting for you and it will be like playing a videogame and please do not go back to what you were when you open this video because there is no other way to solve math more easy than this there are lots of other videos which tell how to solve math easily how to become a genius etc etc but there is no other way they will give you tips routines etc. like I also gave you a routine but you have to stick with something in this article or in any other post.

How to improve math skiils?

How to improve math skills

Ok so take a simple thing and stick with it like if you say I do not want to do all this from tomorrow just do a simple thing like making a list of all the formulas in your chapter this will change something and you just ask growing so slow and steady wins the race now you know the way the single key to success in mathematics if you follow this getting above 90 is a piece of cake for you.

How to improve maths | Study Tips For Maths

Now let's get something practical. we will take a universal math problem of seven standards. so that everybody can understand it and will apply this method to solve that problem. if you are a high standard student than see. How I will solve? that problem and apply the same method in your math problems this will clear this concept to you more. so let begin take a look at this simple math question.
7th Class Math Question
7th Class Math Question
This is the seventh standard math question. i took this question, so that everybody can understand the mindset better in this question. you are asked to find the volume of the cylinder of height five centimeters and radius two cm this this is a cylinder of height 5 centimeters and radius 2 centimeters for high standard student just assume this as a demonstration of that mindset. I will apply that mindset in this question to find the answer. let's say we have a chapter in which we can find two types of questions first is the volume of the cylinder and second is the surface area of cylinders and we have new to all this and we don't know which formula of volume and this formula of surface area so assume that this is happening and now we will apply the method to solve that problem so first step is to read the problem carefully in this problem we have to find the volume of cylinder of height 5 centimeter and radius 2 centimeter for high standard students they will say that all this question is super easy this is of volume formula we have to chunk in these values and finds answer but no this is just a demonstration take it as a demonstration and use the same method in your difficult question, so we have these two values.
First is height and second is radius of cylinder now write first what is the radius of cylinder radius or cylinder equal to 2 cm and height of cylinder is equal to five centimeters.
How to solve math questions
So we have these two values and we have to get from these two values to the one value of the volume how do we get there we have to use one formula one formula of the volume we do what we have to do so first we have to know which formulas is of volume at which formula is of surface area so how do we know that see what is the area of circle that means all this what is the area of circle that is PI R square right so we have the area of circle this and if we multiply it by the height which is this then we will have a circle stacked on each other to five centimeter height and then we will have the volume so we know that this formula is of volume and for surface area tell me the parameter of circle that is 2 PI R right and if we have hollow circle stacked on each other to 5 centimeters then we will have the surface area of cylinder so we know that volume of cylinder is this and we will apply this in our question so volume of cylinder so the volume of cylinder which is this formula and we will apply that in our question that is PI R squared H so we first have chunk in the value okay so let's chunk in the value Phi is three point one four multiplied by r square which is 2 and 2 square equal to 4 multiply by h which is height, which is 5 centimeter and now this is equal to 62.8 centimeter cube never forget to add the unit after the value in math.
How to solve math questions
This is also very important tip for math. so we just read the question carefully knew which formulas to be applied first thought what we have to do and then did it and found the answer and this is how you should always solve a math question.

I hope you enjoyed this article. I wish you all the very best for your further math studies. In my next upcoming posts. I will share some amazing tips and some cool tricks, which will definitely help you to math more easy. so like to our Facebook page "Let's Get Study"  to get notified for my next post and share this post with other students and finally Thanks for reading:-) Best of Luck 👍

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