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How to organise tasks?

How to organise tasks?

Before starting

I wanna let you know that Before reading this post, I recommend you that you must read this post >> "How To Schedule time for study".

In this post i won't talk about your scheduling problems, i will talk about how to organize your tasks to get the maximum out of your time. 

Plan in advance

How to plan For study?

How to plan For study? 

As said with the schedule, tasks must be planned in advance. Know what are your tasks, for example: Maths homework, Geography homework, washing dishes, walking the dog...

To do this, you can download this app Notebook and organize your tasks in there. 

Once you set all the tasks you need to do, go ahead and read the next section.

Urgency vs importance

Knowing all your tasks, you have to separate them in two blocks: urgent and important.
Important tasks are the ones that will give you a better future, for example: Doing your math homework will help you have better grades and get a better job in the future, so it is an important task.

Urgent tasks are the ones that need to be done right away, like walking your dog.
Learn to differentiate this two. Important tasks will get you far in life, urgent tasks will waste your time. 
I'm not saying that you shouldn't do the urgent tasks, but set priority for the important ones, or at least give most of your time to them.  

Easy, Medium, Hard

Once you know the different tasks, assign them a level of difficulty: Easy, Medium or Hard. 
There are different methods to attack them:
  • Going from hard, to medium, to easy
  • Going from medium, to hard and finishing with easy
  • Doing the hard tasks one day and leave the others for another day
These are only a sample, you can do it your own way if you want. 

The best method if you are a lazy person is to start with the hard tasks, because you are already motivated, and then finish with the easy ones. And if you're troubling from your laziness read this post Study Tips and Hacks to overcome Laziness? . It might be helpful for you.

How to make to DoList?

How to make to DoList?

To Do List

Keep a To-Do list on your desk. Use stickers with colors. See the example:

You can use this app To Dolist task manager.
With this very simple list you will get organized easily. It is important to have a finishing date, otherwise you will not do it.

To do lists work very well, because our brain liberates dopamine every time we check the box for a done task, which gives us motivation to keep going. 

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