How to overcome laziness | Tips For Procrastinators

How to overcome Laziness | Tips For Procrastinators

How to overcome Laziness, tips for Procrastinators

Tips for Procrastinators

Hey! How are you? I'm Rohit and here are some tips for Procrastinators that will help you to overcome your laziness.

Important vs. Urgent

When there is a lot of stuff to do, decide what is urgent versus what is important. This will help you decide what tasks you need to learn or do first.

Break Down the Task

If a task appears too big, then break it down. Do not let it intimidate you into postponing it to the future.

Create Small Specific and Attainable Goals 

The small bursts of success will act as fuel to achieve even more goals.

Give Yourself a Pat on the Back

It's important to appreciate your efforts. It's hard to notice how well you've done when you keep setting higher standards. Celebrate your small victories so you get motivated to conquer more.

Delegate Whenever Possible

For example, if you need to make study notes, divide the work up with your friends. Or if you missed a lecture, get the notes from someone right away to save yourself time.

Learn to Pick What's Important

You cannot learn everything. Trying this will make you feel like you do not have what it takes to read it, hence procrastination. Read what’s important for your grade. You will have enough time to read everything else in subsequent grades.

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