How To Remember Everything You Read

How To Remember Everything You Read With These Memory Tips

How To Remember Everything You Read

How To Remember Everything

Just look around, you’ll find a number of people who have the habit of forgetting things, which results in not just poor academic performance, but also affects their professional career.  But that’s not a thing to feel embarrassed about as the human brain is not designed to memorize everything that we encounter.
This is something that can be improved, for which I’ve brought to you the top 7 tips you can use to remember everything that you read or see.

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1. Active Reading

Reading is the most important thing to increase your memory, but there’s something that most people don’t know is that there are two types of reading - Active reading and passive reading.
How To Remember Everything
Passive reading is something that not all people do in their daily lives. It is like reading fiction books or newspapers. Passive reading is when we don’t get engaged in, but active reading is reading your academic books where you get engaged and try to grab as much as knowledge possible to you. It is important to give more time to active reading and follow these three points - stay focused, underline or highlight important things and ask questions.

2. Write Stuff Down

How To Remember

This is another thing that will help you. Make sure not to write in the paragraphs, but make bullet points so you can memorize the details about it when you read the bullet points.  Writing down in bullets helps us memorize things better, which may be used further in expanding the answers or the topic.
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3. Learn Spacing Method

How To Remember Everything You Read

This is reading or re-reading something at a definite interval. The more the space between the two readings, the better will be your memory. So, if you just read something in the classes, make sure to re-read it after a few days or a month and then study it during your exams. It will give a great memory boost.

4. Have Food That Helps Memory Boost

How To Remember Everything You Read

Yes, there are so many foods available that help boosts your memory power, one of the most effective ones is Almonds. Apart from this, you can also add other items in your daily diet like blueberries, brussel sprouts, ginger, broccoli, cauliflower, pine nuts, watermelon, walnuts, etc. Generating better eating habits will help increase your memory faster.

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5. Meditate

 Remember Everything by meditate

This is something that not just helps you deal with physical problems and diseases, but also empower your mind with a lot of peace, which results in increased mental level and improved memory strength. Meditation helps you stay focused on the important things like your study. IT’s recommended to spend 5 minutes daily on yoga for better results.

6. Making Charts

How To Remember Everything

If you are an art lover, then you should enjoy making charts on regular basis. Create charts for different subjects with all the relevant information so you can see them every day. It is a fact that watching is the best way to keep things in mind than reading.

7. Post-in Notes

How To Remember Everything You Read With These Memory Tips

The last tip here is to generate a habit of using post-it notes. You can write something important and post the note somewhere you are likely to see it once or twice a day so you never forget the important things. I prefer creating post-it notes for the projects that are in deadlines so the notes remind me about the deadlines to I am able to achieve them.

Keeping things remembered isn’t rocket science. All you have to do is to follow the above-mentioned tips to keep things stick to your mind and stay more focused on your studies and make sure to improve your eating habits.

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