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How to set yourself apart

How to set yourself apart? 

Find Value in What you Learn

‘We don’t learn anything relevant in school anymore’ is a common statement nowadays. For everything that you study, try to find the value it has for you as an individual.
This way, you will be more motivated to study the subject. If you cannot find the value yourself, why don’t you ask the internet? You can for example Google…’what is the application of X’ with X being the subject matter.

Memorizing Scattered Ideas

After doing so much assignments and reading several textbooks on a particular topic, you will have so many ideas scattered all over your head.

You should put every piece of info on one piece of paper and rehearse it. It will make memorizing the important points easier for you.

Become Critical of What You Learn

You can never challenge any firmly held belief if you don’t completely understand it. Become a critical thinker. Try to learn as much as you can about a particular concept and then start challenging that concept with an alternative or an improvement to the concept. That is how inventions happen.

Confidence With Focus and Hard Work

You have heard people telling you that without self-confidence, you will never be a straight A student. 

Unfortunately nobody tells you how to go about getting this confidence. Here is how: Take one topic. Learn it as deeply as you can. Ask your teacher to give you a test on it. Make sure you ace the test.

Once you are confident that you can study something and get an A, it will be easy to transfer this to the other things that you are studying at school. If you put in the work and stay focused you'll have no reason not to be confident.

Customize Your Learning

The way the ideas are arranged on a textbook or in lectures is just the professors way of seeing things.

Our brains are wired differently so rearrange your notes so they are suited for the type of learner you are. Are you a visual learner? Do you need more diagrams and charts? Are you better at memorizing definitions?

Go through your material and frame your notes so it's easier for you to understand.  

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