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The Aureus Method Final Part

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Hey, How are you? I hope you're doing great. So here is the last part of The Aureus Method to study well and Effectively. If you don't know what is The Aureus Method or if you haven't read part 1, part 2 and part 3 of the Aureus Method than click here to read previous parts of the Aureus Method to study well and Effectively. Please read previous parts of the Aureus Method to better understand this final part.
So without wasting anymore time let's begin.

Next Level Study tips to study well Final Part The Aureus Method


Study tips for exams, The Aureus Method

Exams and tests can be very frustrating. Especially if you get nervous. Let's see how we can handle them.

Think about you

Try to think about yourself when you have an exam. What do you do wrong? What do you do right? Do you have any problems like anxiety or bad sleep?
Figure all this out, and then ask yourself what could you do better. I can't help you with that, but you can, so improve and become the better version of yourself.

Different types of exams

There are different types of exams. I am going to show you how to deal with them:

Test exams:

  • Its important that you study and have the information organized in your brain.
  • Prepare some test questions and do them with your friends
  • When doing the exam, read the instructions carefully, you don't want to get a low mark because you didn't do it
  • Read the questions carefully, they may contain traps!
  • If you get stuck on an answer, go to the next one

Development exams:

  • Mind maps are really good for this exams.
  • Improve your writing. A good handwriting will make the teacher's job easy, and it could raise your mark.
  • Organize the information in your head.
  • When doing the exam, read and interpret every word of the questions.
  • Organize your thoughts before starting to write.
  • Distribute the time between the diferent questions.
  • Write the answer as if you were the teacher.
  • Use clear ideas! Sometimes a simple sentence is better than 20 lines.

Oral exams:

  • Prepare them by talking in front of your family or friends.
  • Record yourself to see how you talk and improve.
  • When asked during the exam, If you don't understand the question, tell the teacher and ask for a clearer question.
  • Organize the information before answering.
  • Don't go too into detail unless they ask you to. It's better to give a precise but simple answer.
  • Use a good volume and voice tone.
  • Show security.
  • Look good on the day of the exam.

Some advice on exams

For exams, I can give you some of my personal advice:
When studying, simulate your tests, measure the time and count the correct answers
If you can, get your hands on exams of other years
Prepare yourself a few days ago, don't study on the last day.
Keep calm, it's just an exam
Revise the exam when you finish!

9. Future Steps

CONGRATULATIONS! You made it till the end! You have now started to change your life. Of course, this won't happen right away, but don't worry, keep going!

I want to give you some final tips on this method:

  • Your life only depends on you, so do what's important, study and get the life you deserve.
  • Don't feel bad because there are people that don't study and get good grades. Focus on yourself.
  • Improve every day, work on yourself, and become your best version.
  • Exercise, go out, have fun, life is not all about studying and working.
  • Revisit this chapters every now and then. They will help you remember how to do things and don't lose focus.
  • Read lots of books.

There is nothing left to say but...


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