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Hey buddies, How are you? I hope you're doing very well. So Here in this post, I'm gonna cover the five books that are gonna help transform you from an average procrastinating student letting your potential die with you to the a-star exceptional student that has mastered studying, that has mastered discipline and good habits. also read it : 6 Study Habits of successful students

5 books every student should read, Books For Students

5 books every student should read, books for students,

that's why I decided to work with motivation to study to find out what are the most important books for students to read and it doesn't matter, what age you are or which type of student you are whether you're in school college university or you're just a lifelong learner, these books are going to help you. No matter where you are and these books have been picked to help you with the common problems you all face.

So, how to be productive? and what other books that are gonna help you to stop that laziness and activate and unleash that potential inside you.

1. Mastery

mastery by George Leonard

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The first book is mastery by George Leonard this is a book that is gonna draw on Zen philosophy and help you with the lessons from martial arts to understand what is the journey going to be like the journey of mastery. what does it look like because when you understand the path that you are going to be walking you're able to navigate the pitfalls you're able to escape the traps that 90% of the other people are gonna fall into so that your path immediately becomes easier. Click here to buy.
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2. Atomic Habits

Atomic Habits by James clear

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The second book is relatively new and it's by a James clear and the book is atomic habits and he presents an easy and proven way to build effective good habits with the least amount of effort and the highest amount of reward and one of the key principles that James Claire talks about is you need to find out what your minimum viable habit is and that means when you're trying to create a habit of waking up early and studying in the morning don't try to do the most complex thing first instead think about what the simplest starting point could be what is the minimum viable habit, what is something that is so easy to do you could do it in just two minutes and then from there keep increasing it keep graduating those habits just like you graduate in the classroom until you go from two push-ups a day to a thousand. Click here to buy.

3. The Secret to success

The secret of success by Eric Thomas

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The third book is one by the motivational master Eric Thomas, the book is the secret to success. it's a short book, it's a straight to-the-point book, it's punchy, it's motivating, it's everything that you would expect from ET(Eric Thomas) and it's going to help you to understand one the journey that Eric Thomas took to go from a high school dropout to an internationally renowned best-selling author. but it's also going to help you to understand the steps and that principles that Eric used to become the person that he is today. Click here to buy.

4. Big Magic

big magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.

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The fourth book is one called big magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. Now we all know being a student on the surface seems easy but in practice can be difficult when you're sat there in the library and you're flicking through your phone one extra time looking at Instagram or any other social media. how to be focused?? and how do you stay creative? well in this book Elizabeth Gilbert goes through the process of how fear and creativity were and how the two of them influence your work and alongside this. Click here to buy.

5. The War of Art

The war of art by Steven Pressfield

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The last book in our list is The war of art by Steven Pressfield and in this book, he talks about the difference between the amateur the part-time player. who shows up when they feel like it which some of you are the part-time player you revise when you feel like it you give a hundred and ten percent when you feel like it you'll put your hand up in class when you feel like it and in between the amateur and what Steven Pressfield calls the pro is resistance now you can use the word resistance you can use the word procrastination you can use the word distraction but it all references the same obstacle. but how do we get past that these two books are gonna help you to do exactly that let's think about why should you even read in the first place? why is it something? that is going to help you now this is from somebody who I never used to read when I was at school despite the encouragement of teachers despite even knowing that is something I should do I could never bring myself to actually do it so what was the difference I'm now in a position where since I've left University since I've left school college my education, behind I actually study and read more than ever before and the thing that has really helped me to make that transformation to make that leap has been to look at it not just as reading but as having a meeting with the author so whether you admire Eric Thomas Gary Vaynerchuk or any of these other self-help gurus imagine when you are reading you're spending one to one time with that author now this might not be true but that person that individual over decades of experience has sat down taken notes on the most important things that they've learned and then structured it so that you can take that shortcut so the questions not why should you read? the question is really which books should you read and the problem is there are so many books out there and they are not all created equally so you could be reading. but are you reading productively. Click here to buy this book.

There's actually another four books that I wanted to include but the article is getting extra long. so if you want to find out what those are go to the links which I have given below or click here to know and you can download a free pdf to find out what they are.

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Here is the link of 4 other books.

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