How to achieve goals | 5 steps to Achieve it

How to set goals and achieve them

How to achieve goals

How to achieve goals?

Hello Friends, You must have heard about Brian Tracy if you haven't heard about him, then let me tell you, Brian Tracy is a CEO & chairman Of Brian Tracy International company, he personally consult more than 1000 companies for Growth And success, he gave speech in front of more than 50 lakh people, he gave around 5000 talk and seminar that too in more than 70 countries. He has done more than 30 years of research and study on some very serious topics like Economics, history,business, philosophy, and psychology. he is also a best-selling author who has written more than 70 books on such topics.

Brian Tracy

Now why i am talking so much about Brian Tracy? well i am sharing about him because Brian on the basis of his knowledge and Experience says A Very Important thing, He says that if you go to him and ask him one thing. which is very important to get success? or if you ask him, how to achieve goals? and if he has few seconds or minutes to reply on it then his answer will be "Write down your goals, make plans to achieve it and work on it every single day." take a book, sit and write your goals; what's your life goals and make a plan to achieve those goals, then take actions every day as per the plan eventually these things will give you success a famous writer Hubbard says and had written that "Maximum people fails not because they don't have brain, abilities or courage but they fail because they don't organise and set goals proper for themselves therefore today i will share 5 steps which will help you to understand how you can do goal setting task or how to achieve goals through which you can take action and can complete and accomplish many goals and dreams of 2019.
So let's begin.

5 easy steps to achieve goals?

Step 1. Unlock Potential if you take Home pigeon out of its nest and trap him in a net and later if you put a blanket over the Net and if you put it inside the box along with the blanket and if you keep that box inside the truck and take that truck few kilo meter away from its nest and after reaching at point if you remove pigeon out of that box, what will happen then? that pigeon will fly in circle for 3 to 4 times, and somehow after sometime he will return to his nest Such a great and amazing goal seeking power of a pigeon, it is most powerful in the entire animal kingdom But excluding humans, we humans have more capability of achieving goal compare to pigeons we can achieve any goal but only thing required is Goals clarity In Fact Stanford University study suggests, that many average people use only 2 percent of their brain potential now don't confuse it with a myth that we use only 10 percent of our brain always Actually That study is saying that average people uses only 2 percent of their success achieving potential.
Example: it's somewhat like winning 1 crore in a lottery but out of that 1 cr taking only taking 2 lakhs and not using remaining amount therefore step no.1 says: always remember that you have lot of potential in you because without such realisation it is very difficult to achieve any goal.

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Step 2. Take charge suppose there are two men, who were terminated at the time of recession by their boss now the first men gets very angry, and abuses boss and the company and he utilises his small savings to file a case against them for a revengue but second man act differently it that same situation, he says its ok, maybe company wasn't earning profit thats why they removed me, but no issue in next job I'll be so good that they can't think about removing me now both man's different approach has different results second man uses his savings and energy to find another job, after few efforts he gets new job in his new job he works hard and slowly makes his life better whereas the first man under the influence of negative emotions ruins his life, instead of making his life better he makes his life worst the biggest enemy of humans happiness and success is their own negative emotions in fact Brian Tracy says that since very beginning the thing which ruined human's life wasn't any disease or plague, but it was human's own negative emotions hence it is important for us to stay away from such negative emotions and to avoid it we have to stop doing 4 things.
  • First: stop justifying your negative emotions second: stop Rationalising your negative emotions, yes i was angry because it was boss or his or her's fault and it is but obvious to be angry etc. 
  • Third: stop giving attention to others opinions what others will say, why i was removed from job etc and last.
  • Fourth: stop blaming others for your own situation it's all companies fault, i am such a victim, i am fighting for others etc.
Doing all these things increases our problems, hence avoid doing it and should take 100 % responsibility of ourselves and of our lives and should make our life better just like the second man by completing our goals

Step 3. True Goals if i ask you, how your life should be after 5 years? then what would be your answer well i want you to imagine, that after 5 years your life is almost perfect you have everything which you wanted from life, your dreams has become reality then how you will answer these questions.

  • No.1) how your life style will be after 5 years? 
  • No.2) what work you will be doing? 
  • No.3) how much you will be earning? 
  • No.4) which car you will be driving?
  • No.5) which businesses you will be doing?

Charles Garfield has Done a study on people who were very average in every aspect of their lives they were average in everything financially, studies relationship etc. but those people have seen sudden changes and success in their lives after doing a study on such people, he came to know the reason why they start facing sudden changes and success in their lives was because of the concept which they start using in their lives and that Concept is known as Blue Sky thinking. In Blue Sky Thinking, Instead of thinking by looking at the ground, a person sets goal at looking sky means sets goal without having any limitations Mark Victor who is a co-author of Chicken Soup Book he recommends you to sit take a paper and start writing , at least write 100 goals which you want to accomplish then imagine that you have lot of time, money, friends and abilities which are required to fulfil that goals think something like this and Fantasise your dreams, and write your goals which gives you clarity.
Example: if you are doing a job which you don't like, for this if you do this exercise and thing that you've got lot of money then you won't think about the job, and continue doing it in your future and if you are doing a job which you like and fond of doing it then no matter how much money you'll get, even in the future you will keep it as a part of your life you can ask similar questions to yourself to know the clarity of goals especially for you'll i have created an exercise by including many questions of this book if you want to do it then i will make a file of it and add its description in the link.

Step 4. Planning Inc. Magazine has done a study on 50 startups in which 25 companies had made a proper plan on how they will complete their goals however remaining 25 companies didn't made any plans and they did things with time and result of it came, after 2 to 3 years companies which had created plans were very successful compare to companies who didn't planned at all now you all must be expecting this right, that yes obviously this would be the result but the most interesting thing came out of that research was that companies after making plan they didn't even follow it, in fact many saw that plan after a year but still they became successful why? because the most interesting thing is that many a times Planning Process is the most important thing compare to creating or making A perfect plan any startups you will see there plans changes depending on the time, which is completely fine here the thing is; Planning process, business development thinking process that thing help people to handle business properly therefore after getting clarity on goals, create a plan; it's ok if its not perfect but still make plans now here question comes,after setting big goals. how to plan to execute them for this there's an english saying: that if you want to eat an elephant. then how you will eat it answer for this is: One Bite at a time similarly, to achieve big goals you have to break them in small has to plan yearly, weekly, monthly and daily goals.
Example: if someones main goal is to reduce 24 kg then a man will plan for 12 kg and year and achieve it in 2 years means monthly he will plan of reducing only 1 kg and for daily he will plan for how will he exercise how many hours he will exercise what good diet he will have this way big goals gets accomplish that too very easily

Step 5. Measure Progress when you complete a small work you feel happy. because that time your brain releases Endorphin. what happens when you finish a big work or task? even that time you faces similar type happiness because of same reasons meaning if you want to feel happy continuously without affecting working motivation then don't think of finishing big goal together you should break that big goal into small and should notice how much you are progressing through this you will get natural high in achieving every small goal and also confidence will improve which will eventually help you to complete your big goal another important reason why progress measuring is important because of it your skill improves.
Example: suppose you are going for a meeting before you leave for a meeting, if i say to you that today you will notice on the basis of your attentiveness, and on the basis of it you will be evaluate. and by doing this, at the time of meeting your listening skill and attentiveness will for sure increase compare to the person who wasn't informed about it similarly when you create a plan, set a goal and then measure it how much you are growing related to that goal, then with it your performance and skills will for sure improve which will help you to achieve your goals hence always set benchmark for your goals prepare scorecards and give scores to yourself for different-different things; how good and bad your progress is, give deadlines to yourself because all this will activate your subconscious brain which will for sure help you to achieve your goals as fast as possible that too subconsciously. these were 5 steps out of 13 which Brian has shared in his book Goals. if you want to checkout remaining points then you can buy it. Click here to buy

Goals by Brian Tracy

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