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How to read Faster

How to read fast

How to read fast

Hey buddies welcome back to my blog. where I post articles about studying, study tips and student life. In today's post I'm going to share you how to read faster or how to read super fast

I noticed when I'm reading some of my law books I get distracted really easily or I keep hanging on one certain page and this tip will really help you to focus more while reading. so you read a lot and lot faster this method is called the pointer method after doing a little bit of research on this and apparently it's called the pointer method, but I've been doing it for years I had no idea it was actually a thing the pointer method is basically reading while keeping your finger or ruler or a pen under the sentence that you're reading at that time and you keep your finger moving along the sentence that you're reading and this really keeps your brain focused on the sentence that you're reading so you won't get distracted really easily you are focused way more and I also feel like I understand everything a little bit better if I use this method now you can use your finger or ruler or a pen as I just mentioned but you can also use a highlighter and highlight everything important that also really forces you to focus on what you're reading and I don't see a lot of people using this method so I thought you know I'd share it with you.

Some extra tips are to avoid distraction just turn off your phone turn off your laptop and make sure you're in a nice environment. if you're using this method so your focus is on points when you're doing this.

3rd tip is to cover the part that you've read already with a piece of paper or just your hand this really helps you also to focus more on the words that you are reading.

The 4th tip is to keep testing ourselves while you're reading so if you're reading something important for school keep asking yourself questions like if you just write a couple of pages about the certain novel that you have to read for school keep asking yourself okay what is this character like or what is the relation between these two characters questions like that to keep your mind really focused on the story and it's also a really good way to practice for a certain exam one last thing I want to say is that you can become a very fast reader when you're using this method but you might want to start with a non-academic book at first maybe a novel or something so you can get used to this type of reading.

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